Dior Espresso

Hey there my fellow DIYers! Long time no DIY, am I right?! Lately I've been getting tons of questions about this itsy bitsy Dior Espresso cup, I knew I had to share my knowledge with my beautiful readers! This might just be the faster and cuter DIY you'll ever make!

All you are going to need is:
- white coffee cup
- Dior espresso print out
- any type of glue
- Optional: white paint (spray paint or acrylic, just in case your cup isn't completely white already)

I suggest saving the above image and opening it in a Microsoft Word document. Make the worksheet as wide as an actual sheet of paper (just enlarge the display of the document to 155%) and compare the size of the Dior logo with the size of your cup. Then just print it and glue it on the cup! Et voilà. I told you it was going to be ridiculously easy! I use mine mostly for decor purposes but it's still a perfectly normal coffee cup. You could make a bunch of them and give them away as party favors or use it to put flowers or lipstick in!