Best Holiday party looks

If there aren’t already enough reasons to love this time of the year, holiday parties are something I always look forward to. You can sign me up for anything that gives me a reason to dress up and go all out with the sequins and the festive jewelry.
However it can be stressful to come up with appropriate outfits for every occasion, without falling into the “outfit repeater” category. (After all, all we want is a good variety of Instagrammable pictures, am I right ladies?).

Here are a few ideas for your holiday looks. Let me know which one is your favorite down below!

Be Dazzling


Wearing the Bella Sweetheart Mini Dress in Navy. Also love this version and this style.

One thing I like to do is keeping my dress elegant and simple so I can go all out with the accessories. I love to make it interesting with a pair of statement earrings and a fabulous clutch. And how gorgeous is this one from Simitri Designs? A real conversation piece! I got the Gray Dreamy Clutch because it goes with both gold and silver and it even has a chain to wear on the shoulder. Also obsessing over this one combining silver, yellow and rose gold.

Bold & Bright


Wearing Speechless Dresses. Also obsessed with this style and this one right here.

On the other hand when I know I’m wearing a dress that has intricate details I keep it simple with my accessories. This beauty has a mesh panel in the front and a cris-cross back. Also I’m obsessed with the color: a shade of burgundy that is perfect not only for Christmas but also for fall and spring.

Jewel Tones


This emerald velvet number and this sapphire one are my absolute faves. Clutch: Simitri Designs.

From emerald green to sapphire blue and ruby red, this is the perfect season to wear all the luxurious hues. Textures and lengths are also total game changers. Satin and velvet have to be my absolute favorites (with a slight preference to velvet because of its more durable nature and the fact that I cannot help myself from spilling everything I hold). Also, don’t keep it mini: midi dresses and longer ones will make you feel like a million bucks! (little bonus tip, if you find a gorgeous long dress but aren’t completely sold on it just bring it to your tailor and add a slit. You’ll have a unique dress that will get you noticed everywhere you go!).

This blogpost is on collaboration with Speechless Dresses and Simitri Designs.

The Best Gift I've Ever Received

As the end of the year approaches I’ve been reflecting on the past 11 months and how my life has changed since last year. I treasure this time of year not only because of the holiday cheer that surrounds us but also because it makes me to reflect upon my goals and the direction I want to take next. Change is usually something that most people are scared of at best and despise at worst.

And yet the only constant in life is, in fact, change.


I’m wearing the Dana Jumpsuit from Black Halo. Also love this one and this one.

I was lucky enough in my life to be subject in a relatively early stage of my life to situations that turned my life upside down and made me quick to adapt to new realities. I had a very unpredictable life in high school and it still is somewhat the case I would say.
Moving countries (and continents) with my parents helped me adapt to new cultures and made me a quick learner. At only 15 years old I had to learn a new language and adapt to a completely different lifestyle than what I was used to.

It sure was hard back then but that was probably the best gift I’ve ever received.

It is now normal to me to dive head first into things that most people would never even consider doing. It made me very proactive and a firm believer that I can accomplish anything I set my mind onto.

So take this as my gift to you. Go out there today and do one thing you’re afraid of.

You’ll find out that it wasn’t that scary after all.

Room tour: Christmas 2015

I've been organizing and redecorating my room for the past week and now I can finally show you the end result! Last year I was all about white and gold and this year I decided to keep a little bit of that but I added a small Christmas tree in my room and decorated it with silvers and pastel pinks. I am so happy of how everything turned out and every time I step into my room I feel like I'm in a winter wonderland!
In this post I will show you the before and after shots of the corners I decorated for Christmas as well as a couple of DIYs I made that turned out looking great! Hope you love this post as much as I do!

That little pink kitten ornament is actually a keychain!

I added the pastel pink bow on the metallic silver ornament myself to make everything more cohesive and used that same ribbon to hang all of the ornaments!

My gallery wall before: fashion and motivational prints.

The gallery wall after!

One of my beauty shelving units

Parfumes, nailpolishes and lipsticks

Added the cutest little pastel gingerbread house!

My nightstand before: a maple walnut Yankee Candle that basically smalls like fall and a couple of my favorite gold jewelry pieces.

My nightstand after: a Santa's belly canvas, a Frosted Treat Yankee candle and my favorite Christmas earrings: tiny little Christmas trees!

Gallery wall detail shot before...

...and after!

This was my favorite shelf in my whole room and I almost didn't want to change anything!

But I'm so happy I changed my mind! I ended up DIYing that feather Christmas tree with just a glue gun and a feather boa and adding some of my ornaments from last year and some jewelry boxes as little presents under the tree.

On the lower shelf I simply added a little penguin jar that I had from last year (it used to have cocoa mix inside!) and filled it with some eyeshadow compacts!

And the bottom shelf got a complete Christmas makeover with ornaments in glass containers and this little Chanel Christmas box!

That Chanel box when it's closed looks like this:

And when you open it it's a Chanel winter wonderland!

Hope you liked this post guys! Let me know if you have any questions! Happy holidays everyone!