My secret to beautiful hair

Happy Friday loves! 
With the sunny days approaching I wanted to share with you my best kept secret. I always get tons of compliments on my hair and so many people think it's all just fake (and proceed to stare at me in disbelief when I tell them it's actually my real hair and I do not wear extensions). 

Photo 4-3-17, 5 02 29 PM.jpg

I take my hair care very seriously and I've gotten into the habit of doing a few little things that really have huge impact on how my hair looks and feels.

- Try to wash your hair as little as possible: it may vary for different types of hair but what works for me is once every 5 days. It will take some time for your hair to adjust and you could use dry shampoo in the meantime to extend the life of your blowout but you'll find that your hair will look healthier when it doesn't get stripped out of its natural oils every day. To that end I love using Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner: they provide a gentle cleansing while moisturizing with organ oil and other replenishing nutrients.
- Use a hair mask weekly: on top of my shampoo and conditioner I regularly apply the Intense Hydrating Mask to my hair once I'm done showering. This treatment improves texture, elasticity and shine. I'll leave it on and usually put a face mask on as well and rince both off at the same time after 10 minutes.

- Let your hair air dry: I always use hot tools to style my hair so I do what I can to avoid applying unnecessary heat. I usually wait for my hair to air dry before styling it with my flat iron and curing wand and always apply the Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream beforehand. This not only conditions, hydrates and tames frizzy hair but also provides an extra layer of protection to your hair before the styling. 
- Try to chop off at least an inch every other month: this will make them grow faster and stronger and it will keep your haircut looking polished and fresh because all of the hair will be or the same length and your ends will look healthy and shiny.

Moroccanoil has an amazing range of hair products that perfectly adapt to everyone's needs. Not only they are super effective  and make your hair feel amazing but they also smell great!

This post was written in collaboration with Moroccanoil. All opinions are my own.

Handbag collection

Today is #NationalHandbagDay and what better to to celebrate this fun day than to bring all of my babies out for a family picture?? :D I have loved and cherished every single one of them from the moment I bought them and have used all of them so much! I am ashamed to admit that there are still a ton of bags on my wishlist but I am so very grateful for everything I have! Not that I haven't worked my ass off to be able to afford every single one, because I really have.

So to us, handbags lovers out there, may our collections keep on growing! :D

(Of course I realized only after taking these that my Drew and a Chanel bag were missing but all of the others are here i promise!)

Chanel collection

Today I share with you guys my little Chanel collection. In part because I've been asked a few times and in part because I am always super curious to see other people's beautiful collections of designer items. This is meant to be a fun post, showing you the result 5 years of shopping! I am not trying to be pretentious or brag in any way of course. I am extremely grateful for everything I own but I must admit that my wishlist is still pretty long! Haha #firstworldproblems
Of course on top of my wishlist right now is a Boy bag. Hopefully I'll be able to get one before the end of this year :)
Anyways, hope you'll enjoy the pictures!

Every time I am at a Chanel boutique eying different bags I am always attracted to bright colors but for some reason I always end up choosing the black bags. Maybe because to me Chanel are such classic pieces that I could only wear in the classiest of colors: black.

Bags aside I love Chanel brooches. I only have 3 for now, 2 with pearls and a baroque looking one but I am thinking about adding a crystal one very soon!

Of course I couldn't forget about Chanel shoes. I own 2 pairs of espadrilles, a pair of patent leather ballerina flats and the camelia flip flops. All very summery shoes that I end up wearing literally all the time while I am in Guadeloupe.

Last but not least, the only Chanel piece I own that is not black nor white. A pink (DUH) Chanel mini bag that looks a lot like the half moon WOC. I got this cutie pie several years back and my mom actually got the same one but bigger and in black and we used to wear them and match all the time!

Here's another group picture of all of my goodies! What's your favorite Chanel piece? And what's on your wishlist?? Let me know in the comments down below loves :D

Lip Monthly

Today I want to share with you lovely peeps a new amazing subscription service that will change your life (ok if not your WHOLE life at least your make up drawer for sure!). Lip Monthly is a packaged box of the best lip, beauty and cosmetic products out there: every month you will receive a goodies bag filled with FULL-SIZED lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners, lip stains, lip plumpers and so much more!
If you're into beauty and cosmetics, this is a monthly beauty box that you don't want to miss out on. SERIOUSLY. Best part? Use the code "SHOPWEAR55" to get 55% off your first bag! :D

I received my first bag last month and I was so beyond excited to open it up and find out what was inside. So here's a peek into my May Lip Monthly bag:

A adorable floral printed pouch, 3 full sized lip products and a mud face mask!

Along with the products is a summary of their suggested retail price (a $70 retail value for under $13?! YES PLEASE!)

And here are the swatches.
- Jor'el Parker's mud therapy mask with sweet almond oil, avocado oil, green tea antioxidants and volcanic ash minarals is 100% vegan and never tested on animals. It feels refreshing and soothing on the skin and protects it from the damage caused by free radicals and pollutants while softly rejuvenating and exfoliating the skin. after applying it on my face and leaving it for ten minutes my skin felt deeply cleansed but still very hydrated.
- So Susan's rosy cheek and lip gel in "Hangover" is a cheek and lip tint 78% water-based and 99% natural. Vegan and hypoallergenic it's formulated in Italy and contains "Heat Shift" technology that instantly transforms this gel/stain hybrid into a healthy rosy flush upon contact onto the skin, according to your body temperature. I love how natural this tint looks on, I've been wanting a product like this for a very long time and I'm so happy I finally found it!
- Dirty Little Secret's lipstick in "Guilty Pleasure" is the brightest and most magnificent shade of pink I have ever seen. It applies wonderfully and stays on the lips for a very long time (it even survived a meal and drinks!).
- Manna Kadar's Liplocked priming gloss stain in "Manna Babe" is a mix between a lipgloss and a lipstain and brings together the best of both worlds. This super pigmented gloss makes your lips look so pouty and dreamy! It's glossy without being sticky and lasts so long on!

This was my first experience with a beauty subscription box and I am very pleased with it so far! I am very curious about what's to come into next month's bag :D I am one to always enjoy discovering and testing new products and I love that all these brands focus on natural beauty items but still deliver high quality results! I absolutely recommend Lip Monthly to all makeup junkies out there looking for a great value for their buck ;)

Thank you so much to lip monthly for sending this bag out to me.

Fatty Sundays

Because some Sundays you just feel like laying in bed and watching Gilmore Girls on netflix for 3 straight hours. I mean.. I can't be the only one.. Right? :D And what better snack than Fatty Sundays chocolate covered pretzel sticks?! These are my favorite guilty pleasure and their gorgeous and colorful Instagram account just fuels my obsession with them (I mean, just take a look for yourself and let me know: @FattySundays).

How doesn't love sprinkles?? :D

I seriously cannot decide which ones I like the best. I have asked a few of my friends to help me choose but it came down to a tie. That's how good these are!

My workout routine

A few years back I cringed every time anyone mentioned to me going to the gym or out for a run. "It's gonna be fun!" they said, and all I could think of is how much I hated running! But through the years I started learning how to love a good workout. It's all about loving yourself and your body really. I like to take care of myself with beauty products, dressing up in beautiful clothes and wearing make up that makes me feel like my best self, but true beauty and confidence comes from within. And that's what working out is all about. It's incredible how beneficial even half an hour a day of exercise is to your body and mind.

So today I wanna share with you my "lazy girl" workout routine as well as a few things that motivated me to get my butt moving!

First of all to get me in the mood to exercise and start my run with a smile I always opt for really cute work out gear! It's an instant mood lifter: if I like what I'm wearing I'll automatically be happier to do anything!
Recently I've been obsessing over these two outfits by Peony. Peony's garments are cute and comfy and can dressed up or down very easily, just by switching out your top!
Peony is a contemporary athleisure brand that unites femininity and athleticism: luxurious fabrics and original prints create premium quality pieces that aim to take women from work to work out.

And of course during my run I also like to think of ways to reward myself after all this effort. There are two ways I like to spoil myself after a really long workout: either by taking a hot bath complete with bath bombs and candles or simply by making a fresh fruit smoothie (my favorite combo is cashew milk, avocado, banana and honey).

So this was my sporty look for work on Friday. I always go for a run on Fridays (as well as Mondays and Wednesdays) so I opted for my Peony rose print leggings and paired them with a flowy lace top and my Nike Roshes.


Rose print sportsbra and leggings.
I especially love how these leggings even have a small pocket to put your phone in!

After I'm done with my run (typically I run for 5 to 6 miles) I cool down by walking a little. I'm so lucky to be living on this wonderful island and having stunning views during my workouts!

At the end of my run I end up stretching and meditating by the water on my favorite secret spot of the island. The scenery is breathtaking here and there is rarely anybody else besides me.

And I always come back here on Sunday mornings to do some yoga. The sound of the waves crushing into the rocks is so calming and soothing. I really love it here.

All sportswear by Peony. I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.

My top 5 must-have bags

If you're anything like me you have a closet full of bags that you love and cherish dearly. Every piece you own is unique and has a special place in your heart. But there are undoubtedly some bags that you wear more often than others. Either be their color, leather or shape, you find that they complete your outfits perfectly and never let you down. That's how I feel about these 5 bags, which are definitely my must-haves. Forget about diamonds, I think purses are a girl's best friends!

5. The everyday tote: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

So incredibly spacious yet lightweight this bag is perfect for everyday errands and traveling. It can comfortably fit a laptop, a planner, your wallet, your makeup bag, a water bottle, your dog, your mom and everything that's in your room! Haha, jokes aside I have purchased this bag over 6 years ago and used it extremely often and it still looks superb!

4. The structured bag: Givenchy Antigona

So sleek and sophisticated the Antigona is a total class act. You can transition it from day to night and goes with literally everything! It carries a lot even though it gets pretty heavy if I fill it up too much: in that case the shoulder strap comes in very handy and saves you a pretty annoying eventual backache. I have this bag in black and I am seriously debating getting a beige one as well, that's how much I love it.

Bracelet: Hermès - Sunglasses: Céline

3. The party clutch: Alexander McQueen skull clutch

" 'Cause the party don't start til I walk in!". LOL. Well this bag is definitely an attention grabber slash conversation starter. I've had it for the longest time and it still looks new and has survived many crazy nights out. It's the kind of piece that elevates any outfit: pair it with a monochrome ensemble for a more sober look or with wild prints to make an over the top style statement.

Ring: YSL - Clutch: Alexander McQueen - Skull bracelet: Alexander McQueen - Roman numbers bracelet: The Peach Box - Link bracelet: J. Crew - Nailpolish: YSL number 26 Blanc Symboliste

2. The nano bag: Chloé Drew

The mini bag craze is far from over and everyone is always on the hunt for smaller and cuter bags. Personally I think it doesn't get any cuter than this Drew: I love the soft neutral color, the intricate chain details, the yellow gold hardware and its perfect shape. 

Skirt: Kora Rae - Rings: Forever 21

1. The classic: Chanel flap

The little black dress of bags, the fairest of them all: a Chanel classic black flap is my holy grail. The elegance and sophistication that a Chanel bag can give to your outfit is almost surreal. It's been a must have and celebrity favorite for many years and will probably never lose its status.

Beauty for Real

Happy lazy Sunday beauties! Today I wanted to share with you a new brand that I totally fell in love with.
Beauty For Real is a Miami-based cosmetic company that produces essential, easy-to-use products with groundbreaking, high functioning formulas. They have collections for lips, eyes, cheeks and nails especially designed for women on the go. I couldn't believe it when I read their website but their core products feature built-in mirrors and LED lights for a perfect application anywhere you are!
What's even better? Their cosmetics are jam-packed with skin loving, plant derived antioxidants, essential oils and always paraben free.

I could go on and on about how much I loved these products but you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I'll just show you!

These are the three products I got to test out: the Get Glowing! cheek tint in the shade In The Pink and luminizer in the shade Get Lit, the InfraRed lip cream and the Purity Light Up Lip Gloss.

Both of the lip products come in an absolutely gorgeous packaging, they both include a mirror on the back and an LED in the applicator so that you can see exactly what you're doing at all times.

The InfraRed lip cream is very pigmented and comes out on your lips as exactly the same color you see in the container. I love the formula, very creamy but not sticky and very moisturizing.

The Purity lip gloss is a pumping gloss that leaves your lips feel so cool and full. The color is more sheer which makes your lips look naturally beautiful.

I was just as impressed by the cheek tint and luminizer combo. Their velvety texture makes them really easy to blend and they are highly pigmented. The luminizer was perfect for contouring and I sometimes also use it for the waterline of my eye, just to make my eye make up pop a little more.

I'm not going to lie, these Beauty For Real products have not left my make up bag since I really fell in love with them!

Endless eyewear with Ditto

Every summer it's the same dilemma: should you splurge on designer and fashionable sunglasses that you might lose or break or should you buy cheap ones that don't really protect your eyes from the UV rays  and might break even faster than the expensive ones?

Well Ditto may just have solved this eternal dilemma for us. For only $19/month you can get any pair of designer sunglasses you want!! YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!
By going one their website and signing up for their Endless Eyewear subscription you get to choose from almost 500 different pairs of designer sunglasses. Once you choose your pair they will send it to you and you can wear it as long as you want. When you're ready to change them just send them back to Ditto and choose the new pair you want! Shipping is always FREE, both ways!

Sounds like heaven on Earth? Well it's about to get better! Use the code "SHOPWEARREPEAT" to try Ditto's Endless Eyewear program for a whole month, FREE of charges!!

For my first month I chose these beautiful grey Prada sunglasses. And I am so in love!

Their packaging is so cute and bright, perfect for summer! BOOM! New designer sunnies!

And inside the box, wrapped in Ditto tissue paper there is all the original packaging to go with your sunglasses, just as if you got them from the actual store!

I've been wearing these non stop already since I got them and I absolutely love them but I am also so excited to try out new pairs! I think my next ones will be these gorgeous Karen Walker ones.

So go ahead and try out this new amazing service for FREE for a whole month loves! And make sure to let me know which sunglasses you choose!!

Rocksbox my love!

Today's post is entirely dedicated to my favorite part of the month: the unboxing of my monthly Rocksbox set! For those who don't know Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry box subscription that for only $19 per month gives you the opportunity to wear pieces from brands like Loren Hope, Gorjana, House of Harlow, CC Skye and many more!
At the end of the month you just send back the pieces (the return label is always provided) so they can send you new ones right away!

This is the second month of my subscription and I am falling more and more in love with this company and its concept! If you can't live without one of the pieces you got you can purchase them at a discounted price.

All this sounds like heaven to you? It's about to get even better: use the code "sarahgallxoxo" to try Rocksbox for ONE FREE MONTH! :D YES, FREE JEWELRY FOR A WHOLE MONTH!

My current Rocksbox set: Spiked pearls necklace: Slate - Pavé double bar ring: Sophie Harper - Vista cuff in gold: Gorjana 

This is what is inside a Rocksbox: a personalized note from your stylist explaining why she send these specific products your way, a motivational note "Be someones sunshine when their skies are grey" and wrapped inside black and white chevron tissue paper there are the three pieces of jewelry, each in an individual little pouch.

I hope they included Rocksbox in that book!

Really everybody loves Rocksbox!