The Best Gift I've Ever Received

As the end of the year approaches I’ve been reflecting on the past 11 months and how my life has changed since last year. I treasure this time of year not only because of the holiday cheer that surrounds us but also because it makes me to reflect upon my goals and the direction I want to take next. Change is usually something that most people are scared of at best and despise at worst.

And yet the only constant in life is, in fact, change.


I’m wearing the Dana Jumpsuit from Black Halo. Also love this one and this one.

I was lucky enough in my life to be subject in a relatively early stage of my life to situations that turned my life upside down and made me quick to adapt to new realities. I had a very unpredictable life in high school and it still is somewhat the case I would say.
Moving countries (and continents) with my parents helped me adapt to new cultures and made me a quick learner. At only 15 years old I had to learn a new language and adapt to a completely different lifestyle than what I was used to.

It sure was hard back then but that was probably the best gift I’ve ever received.

It is now normal to me to dive head first into things that most people would never even consider doing. It made me very proactive and a firm believer that I can accomplish anything I set my mind onto.

So take this as my gift to you. Go out there today and do one thing you’re afraid of.

You’ll find out that it wasn’t that scary after all.