Best summer ever!

June is here which means summer has officially started! Forget all those grey winter days and the rainy spring time, from now on it's all about sunshine, friends, cool trips and lots of fun :D
And in the spirit of that I rounded up a list of essentials you are going to need if you want this to be the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.


- Straw hat: a summer staple that will never go out of style. There are tons of options from very inexpensive ones (just try at H&M or Forever 21) to designer versions or even customized ones. Not only a great fashion accessory but it will also prove extremely useful to prevent a face burn ;)

- A "feel good" bikini: I'm not saying it's going to be easy to find. We are all beautiful in our own ways but there are always specific items that make us feel even better about ourselves. That's what I mean when I talk about a "feel good" swimsuit. It doesn't really need to be a bikini, if you love one pieces, just go for it! But find a piece that will be your holy grail all summer long!

Book - Sunglasses

- Sundress: and I don't mean just one. You'll need a whole bunch of sundresses this summer because DUH. White lace, off-the-shoulders, bright floral prints, super long, the possibilities are endless!

- Sandals and espadrilles: when you're not going to wear flip flops you'll need cute but still comfy alternatives and lace up sandals (even better if adorned with colorful pom poms and charms) and espadrilles will be your new best friends!


- Metallic flash tattoos and a bright nailpolish: because these are the only accessories worth of wearing on the beach really. I have seen too many of my friends lose valuable jewelry in the sea so I refuse to wear any type of accessory that I could possibly lose. Plus bracelets and necklaces would leave ugly and very annoying tan lines! I prefer to stick to colorful nailpolish shades and metallic flash tattoos to spice up my beach looks!

- Books and magazines: between a jump in the water, a nap under the sun umbrella while sipping on a refreshing and yummy drink you are going to want (actually NEED) some distractions! I love taking books and magazines (my faves are Cosmo, Vogue and Glamour) with me to the beach and calmly go through them. In fact I rarely have the time to do sit down and enjoy a book or a magazine in my hectic everyday life, so I really treasure those precious quiet moments.

- Sunglasses: forget your expensive designer sunglasses at home and just bring a few very cheap sunnies with you. Chances are some are going to get ruined because of the salt water, other you'll forget in hotel rooms or planes and you also might sit on some. So better safe than sorry when it comes to packing sunglasses for a summer trip!

- The perfect beach tote and a super cute beach towel: this one goes without saying. There are so many inexpensive options for sun beach totes and towels! Every summer I buy a new beach towel (yes I have quite a collection now) and a alos have a plethora of beach bags to choose from! Canvas, plastic, cotton, colorful, all white, printed, you can never go wrong with any of these basically.

- Mini crossbody bag for long summer nights: perfect to throw in your phone, wallet, lipstick and keys and make sure your hands are free to dance, eat and have all the fun you should be having.


- Lip balm (even better if it has with SPF): we never really think about it but our lips tan too and it's imperative that we don't forget to moisturize them after spending a whole day in the sun.

- Sunscreen!!!: Do not only bring it on vacation with you, but apply it every day, multiple times a day! I know that we all want to get to a beautiful bronze tan as fast as possible but not applying sunscreen especially on the first days of sun exposure is the worst idea you can possibly have.

- On-the-go makeup pouch: a bright lip color to put on right before a fun photoshoot with your friends, waterproof mascara, a rollerball of your favorite perfume to make sure you always smell fantastic, a compact mirror and a few makeup wipes just in case.

- Body lotion: because after all those hours in the sun your skin will have an extreme need of hydration. Choose aloe vera or even an oil to restore your skin's smoothness and softness and get it ready for another magical day in the sun!


- A cool passport holder and luggage tag: you can go crazy with these! Accessorizing your travel essentials says "I'm so used to jet setting around that I have to have personalized items". It's the details that make the difference believe me.

- Headphones and a portable speaker: when travelling my headphones are my best friends. Not only the reduce the outside noise (in a plane or if there's a screaming baby in your train) but you'll need some kind of distraction during all those hours spent in a moving vehicle. Music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, anything you'll want to listen to starts with your headphones! And of course what's cooler than a portable speaker (even better if waterproof!) when you're laying on the beach or by a lake with all of your friends? I can't think of anything really :P

- Polaroid Camera: taking pictures with you phone is perfectly fine but there is something so much more special about having an actual printed Polaroid picture that immortalizes the most magical moments of the summer.

 Donut pool float (also love this chocolate one)

- One-of-a-kind inflatable floatie: these are all over Instagram and if you've always wanted one but never actually got one, this is the perfect time! You'll have a whole 3 months to use it and not only they're super comfortable to just lay in while at the beach but they look beyond amazing in pictures! ;)

- Fruits and water: because during summer all of the yummiest fruits are in season! Either cut a bunch of different fruits into small pieces and put the in a tupperware to bring with you or make delicious smoothies. Of course don't forget to drink tons of water to stay hydrated throughout the day!

I hope this article was helpful and put you on a summer vacation mood! I also created a fun checklist so that you can just save the picture and pull it up on your phone whenever you are packing!