Endless eyewear with Ditto

Every summer it's the same dilemma: should you splurge on designer and fashionable sunglasses that you might lose or break or should you buy cheap ones that don't really protect your eyes from the UV rays  and might break even faster than the expensive ones?

Well Ditto may just have solved this eternal dilemma for us. For only $19/month you can get any pair of designer sunglasses you want!! YES, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!
By going one their website and signing up for their Endless Eyewear subscription you get to choose from almost 500 different pairs of designer sunglasses. Once you choose your pair they will send it to you and you can wear it as long as you want. When you're ready to change them just send them back to Ditto and choose the new pair you want! Shipping is always FREE, both ways!

Sounds like heaven on Earth? Well it's about to get better! Use the code "SHOPWEARREPEAT" to try Ditto's Endless Eyewear program for a whole month, FREE of charges!!

For my first month I chose these beautiful grey Prada sunglasses. And I am so in love!

Their packaging is so cute and bright, perfect for summer! BOOM! New designer sunnies!

And inside the box, wrapped in Ditto tissue paper there is all the original packaging to go with your sunglasses, just as if you got them from the actual store!

I've been wearing these non stop already since I got them and I absolutely love them but I am also so excited to try out new pairs! I think my next ones will be these gorgeous Karen Walker ones.

So go ahead and try out this new amazing service for FREE for a whole month loves! And make sure to let me know which sunglasses you choose!!