June 2015 Beauty Haul

Summer is here!! Days get longer, skin gets darker, music gets louder, water gets warmer, hair gets lighter and life gets better! To get ready for all of the changes that this season brings upon us I felt it was only appropriate to go shopping for new skin care/beauty products.

I went out in the city and looked around a bit everywhere, wanting to try out new brands and I ended up getting all of these items from Nordstrom Rack, Bath and Body Works, Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Yes, spreading out my new buys on my bed and taking pretty pictures of them makes me happy :)

I wanted to get this Shimmer Swirl lotion from Bath and Body Works since last October but I never ended up spending the money on it because I kept on telling myself that it would have been useless during the winter. But who doesn't want amazing-smelling and sparkly skin for the summer??
 The cherry on the top? It was 50% off at their semi-annnual sale!

Macaron trinket: Urban Outfitters - Pink frame: Century 21 - H Bracelet: Hermès - Isaac Mizrahi rose candle: Marshalls - Miss Dior Illustration: FallintoLondon

I wanted to try a facial treatment system (Clarisonic, Foreo) for the longest time but I their price always held me back a little bit. Imagine my surprise when I saw this cute Beauty Concepts pack at Marshalls on clearance for (BEHOLD!!) $5!! I grabbed it as fast as I could and shoved it in my cart! I couldn't find any good cleansers there though but thank God Nordstrom Rack came to my rescue offering Neutrogena products at very interesting prices. I picked up 2 types of cleansers: a foam one and a cream one. I've only ever used foamy ones but I was intrigued with the cream version so I wanted to give that a try.

Washing my hands and face with this rose and peony scented moisturising hand wash is the highlight is my day! Totally in love with this Marshalls find!

I've never been a crazy makeup junkie and I still need to learn a lot about makeup but I am now being more adventurous and trying out new products. This NYX HD Studio primer base I found at Nordstrom Rack is a cheaper option than the MAC HD primer and leaves the skin feeling soft and perfectly even for a really improved makeup application.

Last but not least these adorable and summery Essie nailpolish colors! These are actually my first Essie nailpolishes ever! Found them for $7 at Nordstrom Rack (they normally retail for $8.50) and were the only cute ones I saw (usually the shades that go on discount are the ones that don't sell so I never find any colors that I actually like).
Pink: Romper Room - Orange: Resort Fling

Romper Room by Essie swatch. I am really surprised by the quality of the coverage! i was afraid it was going to be pretty sheer and that we could still be able to see the nail underneath but this is just one coat! It really looks amazing and I will definitely be purchasing more Essie nailpolishes from now on!

I hope you liked my haul! And if you have any suggestions of other products that you can't live without please leave me a comment telling me all about them! I'd love to give them a try as well!